We are Spectra


Spectra is a performance company that draws on the diverse creativity of its mixed professional and learning disabled community cast to devise multi-sensory, immersive theatre. Developed through a partnership between MAC Birmingham’s Next Generation programme, independent artist Kate DeRight, and Queen Alexandra College, Spectra is made possible through funding from Arts Council England.

This blog will be regularly updated – keeping you posted about our current creative ventures – as well as sharing our past projects and achievements with you. Our Spectra Bloggers will include the facilitators, teachers, funders of the project, and of course – the participants themselves!

Thank you for visiting Spectra Bloggers – we will blog again soon!

Spectra has been important to me because it lets me show people what I can do. It lets us show off our talents. I don’t like change and I’m adapting to other people’s abilities and meeting new people with different abilities and getting used to them, which is a good thing.’ – Spectra Participant

The Colours of Birmingham

After a fairly quiet Summer, we are now back in full swing here at Spectra!

At the end of September, we were invited to take part in the Rangeeli Colours of Birmingham Parade, as part of Birmingham Weekender. The parade celebrated all things Birmingham – its diversity, its communities and its artists; and it even welcomed international performers from around the world to our city.

It really was spectacular. There were vibrant hand-held puppets, flags, masks, costumes and an amazing, life-size mechanical elephant called Harminder.

The lovely Manuela Benini (artistic director of the parade) came to visit us at mac birmingham for a workshop. We explored different ways we could use our bodies to explore the various characters that we would be acting as.

There was a smart, corporal-like rooster, some exotic tribal men, the queen of hearts, a cheeky clown, some tropical fish and more…

Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 09.47.15Us all at mac birmingham, trying on our costumes!

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‘This is what theatre is all about.’

‘A totally immersive, beautiful experience. Your work always has me in tears – in the best possible way!’ – Audience Member

A few weeks ago, around 250 people embarked on this adventure with us, delving into our mystical world. Hanging in the Balance took the audience into another world, a world out of balance and in limbo. With the help of the wizards, fairies, drifters (and a gorilla!), the audience battled the Dark Fairy to bring the world back into balance. Continue reading